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Our Mascot, Oliver Wendell Livingstone (“Ollie” for short), welcomes you back to camp after a COVID interruption that had us all crying. He grabbed his baseball bat and drove the COVID germ out of the park so we could open back up. Way to go Ollie!


Walla Walla Valley camps have operated since 1999. The original junior camp program has expanded to include high adventure camps, performing arts camps, science camps, water specialty camps, and full-fledged residential (lodge) camps in cooperation with the ABC Mountain Retreat. We are pleased that we can bring back several of these specialty camps this year. By 2023 we hope to have them all back.

Dan Solis, camp director, worked with Timber Ridge Camp in Indiana, and Camp Alamisco, in Alabama, before moving to College Place, establishing Walla Walla Valley Camps in 1999. He has overseen the youth club programs and Christian Education at Village Church for nearly twenty-five years and is the running coach for both Walla Walla University and Walla Walla Valley Academy. He has been married to Cindy, an elementary school teacher long enough to have three adult children and long enough to know that his wife does not want him to say exactly how long that has been.

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